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The graduate level Readings in Marketing course required reading 10 business books and writing a report with reflections on each of them. This paper is the eleventh one that summaries the ten books and ties them together, along with reflections. The titles of the books had to be chosen by the start of class along with the planned order of reading them, and approved by the professor of the class. Since this was a summer session class, there was approximately seven weeks to complete the reading and writings, and it was fast paced. I decided on most of the books from a suggested reading list and what was available at the library. The books tied together well in groups for the summary, and I was able to complete in the time frame given. Reading and writing about all these books also contributed to  the launch in 2012 of the Kalamazoo Business Book Club, an ongoing chance to read and discuss business books. If you would like to read the summary paper, please click the image below:

Readings in Marketing

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