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The major project in the graduate level Human Resources Management course was to work in an assigned group of three and create a presentation for the class at a scheduled time during the semester and follow-up the presentation with a paper due at the end of the 12 week semester. The group agreed with General Electric as the company to research and present to the class. We divided the presentation into three parts: history, human resources, and business strategy. Each of us researched our areas and put together our sections and discussed within the group. We chose to present to the class as if they were new hires on orientation day, including titles. To make it more of an interactive presentation, we asked lots of questions and rewarded the attempts with chocolate candy. PowerPoint was used as the method of documenting and showcasing the presentation. The idea of orientation day was viewed as highly creative, and the overall feedback equaled a final grade for the presentation as an ‘A.’ If you would like to view a pdf of the presentation, please click on the picture below:

Human Resources Management

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