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Thank you for visiting my online portfolio site. As a trainer, what I view as most important is to share knowledge. It is easy to hold on to information yet more fun to teach and definitely learn from people. Each time I have had that opportunity, which includes every position listed on my resume, I have trained others, whether or not required. Sometimes, that extra effort was a future benefit to help the person save time, while another example might have been assigned. The formats I used for training have included written documents, in-person presentations, and communications through phone, email or social media. Wherever I have been involved, there is an unwavering dedication. With this in mind, I have developed a portfolio, with  resume and examples, that consists of group or individual projects, presentations and write-ups which reflect the statements above.

If you enjoyed this portfolio site or have any feedback, I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Stacy Belinsky (formerly Burdette)